What is Advertisement?

A professional marketing tool in your pocket!

Send SMS and Rich E-Mail ads with links, images and HTML
Target groups, Contacts and import from .CVS, .TXT and .RTF.

Advertisement is:


All your followers, friends, clients, users, players, voters, party or fundraiser guests, people on your mailing list, people who depend on you to alert or inform them – now you can contact them all, at a moment’s notice, via SMS or rich E-Mail, right from your iPhone or iPad (SMS Texting from an iPad requires an iPhone with Message Forwarding turned on).


Get your message across and increase the recipient’s retention rates with rich E-Mail ads composed with no just text but also links, clickable images, and even your entire HTML Website. Increase your campaign coverage and delivery speed with SMS ads.


With advanced batch queueing mechanism, Advertisement is optimized to take full advantage of your iPhone performance and allow you to contact significantly more recipients - quicker. Want to target a specific group? Your entire Contacts? With Advertisement it’s simple. You can even import structured recipient’s contact information from online .CSV, .TXT and .RTF files!


Thanks to the Campaign Widget, your most recent Campaigns are always easily accessible from the App icon and in the Today View. To make sure a scheduled Advertisement Campaign goes out exactly as planned, you can add specific Notes and be notified about it repeatedly at given time: weekly, monthly or once a year.

Discover the possibilities



Plan & Run a successfull Campaign from your iPhone.
Let your clients know about new offers quicker than ever.


Make sure your friends always get the freshest info about your party!
Always stay in touch with your followers.


Easily import Contact data from a secure server
and get everyone the specific information they need now.

Lead Developer

Rafał Ostrowski

Graduate of Wrocław University of Technology.
Objective-C and Swift Programmer since Apple iPhone 3G.
Passionate App & Webiste Designer & Developer.

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